Seismic engineering (or ‘earthquake engineering’) is the field that deals with strengthening buildings and making them more resistant to earthquakes, seismic shifts, and other similar incidents. Earthquakes are massively damaging events that can cause loss of both life and property, making it of utmost importance to have seismic engineers involved in your building’s construction. Our specialists are experienced in seismic and civil engineering, structural dynamics and earthquake strengthening, creating buildings that are sturdy, long-lasting and resistant to seismic shifts. We thrive on the management of a project from start to finish, but our team can also act as engineering consultants on existing projects.

Digital Infrastructure

BVT are experts at developing digital infrastructure and engineering tools to aid our clients with planning and project management. We specialise in a range of digital infrastructure solutions to specific problems, from creating in-house calculators that allow you to select the right products and support for your sales processes, through to data and engineering tools that let you keep your project on track by generating plans and guiding you through tasks. 

Whatever your problem, BVT can create a bespoke solution, utilising trusted, proven technology to suit your individual needs.

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